Xbox Fitness – Announcement Trailer [HD]

The announcement trailer of Xbox Fitness.

  • Jeffrey Alexander

    Uh, YES.
    This is actually super cool. Even with a gym membership this is a cool thing to be able to do in addition. Definitely cheaper than a trainer.
    I think this is why, ultimately, MS doesn’t have as much to worry about from Valve and Sony as people seem to be assuming. Yes, I understand that Sony has a camera with similar capabilities, but the Xbox One is a full package in a box. This and NFL stuff (apparently others sports incoming) will get the casual market in the way Wii did (although with an older skew)

  • Sheldon Prescott

    I just need to know if this will be a game or an app or what? Either way, I’m getting it for sure. I thought that this would happen sooner or later. SOOO many exercises I can imagine doing with Kinect 2.0