Razer Launches the Atrox Arcade Stick

Razer has officially launched today the Customizable Arcade Stick with support from the fighting game community.

The inside of the arcade stick platform opens up at the touch of a button, which makes the Atrox Arcade Stick easy to customize. Users can swap in their own personal designs for a unique look, while also getting access to the internal compartments and honeycomb structure for easy screw mounting.

The easily accessible internal compartment of the Razer Atrox reveals dedicated slots to store an included alternate bat top joystick, the detachable cable, and a screwdriver for modding, giving gamers plenty of room for storage as they travel around dominating FGC events.

“Following a huge beta testing program, we’re confident that we’ve built an arcade stick enthusiasts will love,” says Min-Liang Tan, Razer co-founder, CEO and creative director. “We know that the Fighting Game Community is huge on modding their arcade sticks, and that is why we made the Razer Atrox extremely mod friendly. We are excited to see what extreme mods the Razer Atrox will be the base for.”

Here is a look at the arcade stick:

Here is a list of features that the product offers:

10 tournament-grade Sanwa buttons
Authentic Sanwa joystick with ball top and additional bat top
Interchangeable top plate allows for custom artwork finishes
Fully accessible internals and storage compartments for easy modding
Honeycomb structure on the inside for easy screw mounting
Storage room for alternative bat top joystick and more
13 ft / 4 m detachable USB cable
Screwdriver included for modding
·2.5 mm audio jack for headset use on Xbox LIVE

The custom arcade stick is available for the Xbox 360 for a suggest retail price of $199.99.

Available at: – Pre Order on 21st May 2013
Japan – May 2013
Worldwide – June 2013