Injustice 2 – Red Hood Arrives June 13th

Patiently awaiting on the arrival of Red Hood? If so, the latest Watchtower stream for Injustice 2 that just concluded a few moments ago has the details that you’ve been waiting for.

That sees “Red Hood” the first of many post-launch fighters be released on June 13 for those who own either the Fighter Pack 1 add-on, or any special edition of the game such as the Ultimate Edition. Now, for those who wish to obtain Red Hood separately can do so on June 20th when he’s available as a standalone purchase.

Aside from the official release date for Red Hood being revealed, the Watchtower stream also contained some important bits of information regarding the DCU based fighter. As according to the NetherRealm developers, changes are coming to the Multiverses that’ll make earning abilities a bit easier.

Though, in order to participate in these special Multiverses, it requires you to buy into them with the gold currency of the game. So you may want to start saving your gold if you’re still looking for a select few abilities to unlock.

Injustice 2 is available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms.