Marvel’s Spider-Man Hardcore Mode Hinted With New Game Plus

While New Game Plus has already been confirmed to be releasing in a future patch, it seems possible that the game may have intended to ship out with this feature alongside a “Hardcore mode”


For those who have beaten Marvel Spiderman PS4, you may remember the congratulation screen (minor but not major spoiler) at the end.

Well turns out this screen isn’t the same for every version of the game that’s out there.

Sent to us by a friend who owns the Chinese version of Marvel Spiderman, the text when translated says:

Congratulation! You have finished main story line, but the adventure continues. Keep on exploring NY and search for collectables, mission and open world activities. You can now change time in research station. You can also choose hardcord mode or NG+ to start a brand new adventure. Good luck , Hero!”

Unfortunately neither of these modes are available (for the moment) so it seems to be some left-over text for when the game was being finalized. Insomniac games have already confirmed that they are working on a New Game Plus mode, however this is the first time we are hearing about a Hardcore Mode.