Injustice 2 Review

If I were to simply describe the DCU based fighter Injustice 2, the latest collective effort from the Mortal Kombat development team NetherRealm Studios. It would simply be “It’s bigger, badder and filled to the brim with content than their previous titles, including Mortal Kombat X”.

At first, this statement may seem a little bit far-fetched considering how good Mortal Kombat X was with all the features that it introduced such as the variation system and captivating story mode. But, the Chicago based studio somehow managed to top what many considered their best work as of yet in MKX with what time they had to develop Injustice 2.

How did they accomplish such a feat you may ask? Well, it’s quite simple. As NetherRealm Studios spent their time catering to both the hardcore fans and the casuals fans alike with Injustice 2 by ditching the previous boring color scheme for a more friendly vibrant color scheme and adding an abundance of features that many can enjoy regardless of skill level.

Ranging from Multiverses, their version of the classic ladder mode heavily featured in their Mortal Kombat franchise with the added twist of being completely randomized and offering numerous ladders at once. Which can be played to earn a multitude of rewards ranging from coins, their version of loot boxes called Mother Boxes that upon opening will grant you gear for random characters or gear pieces for specific characters and much more.

However, the biggest feature to be added in Injustice 2 and possibly my favorite is none other than the customization options that are in the game are almost endless. As NetherRealm Studios really hit it out of the park when it comes to this feature thanks to the inclusion of the previously mentioned gear pieces for characters as well as shaders. Which allows you to mix and match different costume pieces to create your own, or if your lucky enough can recreate some of the more known costumes in the DC Universe such as Superman’s Red Son outfit.

Additionally, fans of the Green Lantern should take much interest in the shaders specifically. As each shader for Green Lantern also happens to be tied to different lantern corps such as the Black Lantern Corp and Blue Lantern Corps. On the topic of shaders, NetherRealm Studios also managed to add a pretty nifty feature with them in the Premium Shaders that allow to completely change the cosmetic of a character to even changing the characters name.

As seen on the Mr.Freeze skin for Captain Cold and the Vixen skin for Cheetah, which can be purchased via source crystals the game’s “premium currency”. Although it should be noted despite these source crystals being premium currency, they can be earned by simply gaining a level for your profile.

With all the good added with the gear system, there’s also some bad that comes with it that may be a little off putting for some people especially who don’t have the time to dedicate to the game. As the gear pieces that you can acquire offer extra bonuses to your normal attacks, abilities, defense and health.

Furthermore, those who love to min max stats can also re-roll their gear pieces to have specific bonuses if you have the regen token for it, or you can also opt to use your regen tokens to transmog gear pieces to your favorite cosmetic look. While the idea of gear pieces may seem unfair to a lot of people, NetherRealm studios did put ways to combat this to make matches on more of an even playing field. Thanks to the tournament mode that disables gear bonuses that are turned on by default for ranked matches and allowing players to choose to turn this feature on or off in a casual setting. Though, it does require both players to opt in to turn off their gear bonuses in non-ranked games.

New features aside, NetherRealm Studios has also spent some focusing on the core features of the game. This also includes replacing their previous netcode to the new GGPO netcode that was introduced with the launch of Mortal Kombat XL. Easily making Injustice 2 the smoothest NetherRealm Studios launch to date when it comes to online play from my personal experience. As I’ve only noticed one terrible match in the 90 something matches I’ve played online which is a big step in the right direction, even with the rare desynchronization issues I’ve run into time to time.

Other than that, the online features are pretty much the same from the first Injustice, aside from the brand new Guild feature which is their version of a clan system. That allows friends and acquaintances alike to work together on a common goal of tackling the toughest challenges the game has to offer in the Guild multiverse. If successful on conquering these challenging multiverses, your guild members will be awarded mother boxes for everyone.

Being as Injustice 2 is a fighting game after all, one would expect the gameplay mechanics would be overhauled. In fact, it’s the opposite, as NRS largely left the mechanics from last game almost the same but added a few new mechanics to help players new and experienced alike to combat zoners with the new meter burn dash roll that allows you to easily close the distance on those zoning you out. As well as, adding an air escape allowing you to disrupt your opponent’s combo at the cost of two of your meter bars.

Now, no NetherRealm Studios game will be complete without a robust story mode and without spoiling much. Those who’ve enjoyed the first story mode will definitely enjoy the one presented in Injustice 2 as for the most part it follows the same formula from the first game to a T.


Overall, Injustice 2 is collectively NetherRealm Studios best title to date with the new features added such as gear pieces and working on the most important issues faced with their last game such as the online netcode and improving on it. Which makes NetherRealm Studios and their titles must play titles due to how much love and attention they put into their work.