Sunset Overdrive Review

Sunset Overdrive is a brand new IP from Insomniac Games that is currently exclusive to the Xbox One. The game is quite addicting and if you are a fan of the Ratchet and Clank series, you will have a blast playing this.

You start out as a current Fizzco employee, cleaning out the garbage of a launch party of their new energy drink called OverCharge. Things go from worse there when everyone starts to turn into mutants. You must fight to survive and at least, have fun doing so. You will meet various characters along the way to help you escape Sunset City and unfortunately, not everyone will make it. The “Announcer” definitely makes the game more entertaining as he helps you along. Sunset Overdrive often breaks the “4th wall” in which if you understand it, you will have a good time.

Character customization is an awesome feature in the game. You can change practically anything. The character we played as in the walkthrough was a bit older, built tough and had nice dreadlocks for his hair. We couldn’t stop laughing over the creation we had made. You can always change up your character whenever you please, if you really want to be that “person” who can never decide on what to wear.

Practically, the only way to get around Sunset City is to grind, there isn’t a run button in the game which annoyed us. You would think that
any game day in age by now (Except Halo and a few other titles) but in an open-world game it is a must in our opinion. Insomniac Games at least had nailed down the grinding system where it was fun and you also had the option to provide yourself with a little boost if you wanted to speed things up a bit. Bouncing off objects is always a blast in Sunset Overdrive, especially when you get the ability to double jump. Thankfully, fall damage is non-existent in this game.

You like weapons? We love weapons! Weapons are not overlooked in Sunset Overdrive, some of the weapons are just borderline crazily awesome. Weapons would not be complete with amps which allow for nice little kick- backs on the weapon of your choosing. From freezing, a fireball of death and much more. You can also choose amps for yourself which can help with weapons etc.

Multiplayer is another fun addition to Sunset Overdrive, we got distracted while attempting to complete the story because of how much fun it was. It never got boring. Trust us when we say this, you will have a blast.

Graphics are definitely spectacular in Sunset Overdrive. There are a few framerate dips in the game but the hair detail and explosions will completely make you forget about it.

Overall, Insomniac Games will hit the ball park on this one. The game is fun with a ton of comedy and will surely do well.